24 Hour Boarding Up Service

Fast and professional boarding up service 24/7.windows or doors. We can board up in wood, steel,or mesh depending on your needs. We also fabricate heavy duty steel fixed shuttering to individual requirements,once boarded up you may require occasional access for checking inside,in which case we can fit a boarded opening door to the preferred door.ask about our damage free techniques too avoid drilling your walls and frames etc. If you are a victim of burglary,we are also registered locksmiths and carry locks on the van if you need any changed straight away.

Boarding Up In Wood

We can board any window ,door or hole any size. If it's urgent I will come straight out - don't worry what time of day or night, most broken windows happen at night so we are used to working at any hour of the day or night. We board up using different methods, including internally beaded or battened from the inside for damage free applications. We also do full board ups to secure empty properties or new builds. We can also drill into mortar between the bricks for a good fix and its easy to point up the mortar once the boards are removed.If damage is not an issue we would suggest drilling straight into the bricks as it is stronger.

Boarding Up In Steel

Although wooden boarding is very strong, bricks bounce well of if etc, sometimes you may need something that can sustain a more prolonged attack of vandalism or determined break in. We normally use 1mm galvanised steel sheet straight over the window or door to be covered and carefully drill into mortar rather than brick so that when the property is opened back up, you can have the holes simply pointed up as needed. We call this minimal damage. If the property is staying empty until being demolished or renovated the strongest way is to drill straight to brick, we can also go thicker on the steel if required.

Heavy Duty Fixed Steel Shutters

Heavy duty shutters can be fitted to provide the highest level of security for empty properties in rural or secluded places and areas under constant attack. We design, build and fit bespoke steel security shuttering on site which are secured with a frame and steel bars on the inside with no damage to the building. These can be supplied painted, galvanised or plastic coated in any colour. If you really want to make sure no-one can enter your empty property, these shutters are what you need. We can also make a high security steel opening doors to provide owners with access to check the inside of properties inline with insurance company requirements.

Security Fabrications

Window and door security to our or your design. Steel doors ,window grills, security meshing inside or out. These can be galvanised or plastic coated in any colour for a long lasting maintenance free finish. Garage security for cars quads or motorbikes,anchor points,cages etc. Secure compounds or cages for anything valuable that can't be nailed down.

Emergency Boarding Up Service

I provide a fast and professional boarding up service which will secure your property in the event of a break in or damage to glass.

This service is available 24 hours a day 365 days a year, I never close!

There is no call out fee, I only charge for the work that needs to be completed in order to secure your property.

Boarding up windows and doors with timber is the fastest way to make properties secure after they have been damaged either by vandalism, accident or fire.
Using wooden boarding is also the most cost effective and chapest way to provide immediate security after such damage.

I stock a range of timber sizes and thickness for any type of job. All boards are cut to size on site to for an exact fit which will ensure that your property is protected against further intrusion as well as damage by the elements. Any type of premises can be boarded up to make them secure,  homes, offices, shops, factory units etc.

Most emergency boarding up jobs are completed using timber boards which I  keep in stock. However, I can also provide steel window guards and grilles for longer term use on empty buildings or where a higher level of security is needed. Steel guards are a much better deterrent for empty buildings and commercial property where high value items are being stored.

After comleting any boarding up, I can also change locks if keys have been stolen. I keep wide range of locks in stock on my vehicle so that I can provide immediate replacements to keep your property secure.

If you need an emergency boarding up service in Doncaster or surrounding areas at any time day or night I please call me on 07717842529 for an immediate response.